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What is a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)?

Rather than investing your own capital to install the solution, you then buy the power generated by the solution (Solar PV) at a cheaper unit rate for an agreed period of time. This unit rate is linked to the retail price index rather than energy price increases.

For EV Charge points the installer will take on all the costs and share the revenue from the unit. LED is paid for at an agreed rate which will be lower than the savings achieved.

What happens with on-going maintenance?

O&M packages can be quoted for unless acquired through a PPA where the funder will maintain the equipment.

What does the initial assessment and proposal cost?

We do not charge for this.

How do I make a saving now the feed in tariff has finished?

Since the feed in tariff ended we have seen a dramatic fall in the price of equipment, put this with the rising energy costs we are seeing payback of 5 years for most solutions.

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