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How to reduce C02 for your business

Businesses have a huge role in easing climate change and helping reduce CO2 emissions. Especially in the last years we have concluded that everyone must act to help preserve the planet and the resources available.

Why should we reduce CO2?

WHO has reported that 9 out of 10 people- globally- are breathing unsafe air.

Air pollution (direct consequence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) is a global health and environmental crisis affecting us all- and every other living species on earth.

How a business can lower their emissions?

Before putting a plan together we should start with calculating how much carbon your business emits with an easy and quick calculator.

There are hundreds of ways a business can play a difference in climate change, and we will be discussing some of them.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The Three R's are probably the first step every single person or company could start with. These simple rules should apply -especially for businesses- to every stage- from office supplies to packaging and so on.

Reduce the numbers of products you need for your business to function and reuse them, where possible. When there is not a reusable alternative start recycling.
In future you will know which products you can reuse and recycle and you will be more prepared, saving some money in the meantime.

  1. Invest in alternative renewable energy

In 2020, more than ever, purchasing renewable energy is a long term investment for your future and a good action for the planet.

Investing in solar energy and LED lighting- for example- can help you reduce your energy consumption by using high- efficiency lightning, lower your energy bills and- most important- reduce drastically your business CO2 emissions.

  1. Switch to LED lighting

High quality LEDs use less energy. On average, our customers reduce their lightning energy costs by 70% and their total energy bills by 30%.

See why you should switch to LED today

  1. Turn off

Make sure you turn off every light and every computer when not in use. It might seem a small thing but it can make the difference when we are talking about businesses that consume tons of energy every day.

  1. Educate

By promoting renewable energy alternatives you could set an example for your staff and your customers.
With ARC -for example- you could get electric charging points installed at disposition for your staff and clients.

Promote dialogue among your employees around sustainability and renewable energy. Making your staff aware about the opportunities on how to lower emissions can help them in the process and make every action easier.

Your business will benefit as well. More than ever customers want to purchase services from companies that aligns with their values and -especially- with sustainability values.

These small changes now can help your business and the planet in the long run.

At ARC we are working to provide business with suitable solutions and easier way to make their transition to "green business"

Taking your energy reduction seriously?

Stay informed on great ways of reducing your businesses energy spend and Carbon Footprint.

Get started today to better energy prices and revenue solutions with ARC

Taking your energy reduction seriously?

Stay informed on great ways of reducing you businesses energy spend and Carbon Footprint.