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Now more than ever, do the right thing. Choose solar energy.

Getting your business back on its feet will probably be a troublesome and struggling task.

Unfortunately for many 2020 has been a difficult year. Some have crashed already and some others are really struggling to stay alive during these unprecedented times.

All things considered, the effect of climate change and the management of your business’s carbon footprint may impact you and your family. Caring about the planet would be the considerate approach for building any business and doing the right thing for everyone.

With a large portion of the population being in lock-down for the past few months global warming has fallen significantly due to the reduction of cars on the roads and mainly, a stoppage of air travel across the globe.

Just in April the global emissions of carbon dioxide have dropped by 17% compared to April 2019. These percentages have slowly gone back down due to more people going back to work in recent weeks. Therefore we should use this moment of lower emissions to our advantage and do our best to keep it low.

And there are some extremely effective ways to “do our best”.

With your business going back to work it will be important to keep the impact on global warming to a minimum. Researchers have estimated that if restrictions remain by the end of the year, our global emission levels could be the same as 2011.

If we continue to let the levels rise instead, there will be more floods, storms and heatwaves. There could be fresh water shortages or a change in how we produce food.

With the emissions being down for a short period it won’t do much for helping our planet and the effects will continue as it takes years for the large bodies of water to respond to the change in temperature that we are currently receiving. If we want to keep our planet going for longer we must be consistent.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint in your business is measured by the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you output annually. This could be your energy, water or gas usage, and mostly your travel whether it’s via car or train. While the lock-down period has reduced the global footprint, doing your part and keeping your business’s emissions low will create a happier and healthier future.

Tracking your business’s footprint is vital to understanding where you can improve. Measuring your energy usage, tracking each employee’s mode of transport and the distance they travel. Look at reduction by car share, or perhaps investing in bikes for nearby employee’s so they no longer use a car.

Once global air travel returns, our emissions will rise again. Getting into a lower emission plan for your company will do your part in helping the planet remain cooler.

As the pandemic continues, business is tough, and taking the opportunity to do your part in helping climate change could be the right thing to do, now more than ever.

At ARC Consultations we really believe small changes can move the world and make it better for our kids and the future. Therefore we have invested in having solutions for every business based in the United Kingdom to ensure every client the best of our services.
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