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Solar Panels for your Business

Thousands of homeowners have reduced their energy bills and lowered their impact on the environment since solar energy became a resource available for the public. But it’s not just homeowners who can benefit.

Installing solar could be the best choice for your future if your business premises are suitable.

To fulfil your needs, we have different approaches for solar for consideration:

  • Ground mount: ideal for land on your site that cannot be developed upon.
  • Solar carport: make use of your car park should you have no suitable roof space. Integrated with vehicle charge points for employees or visitors to your site to use.

Why invest in solar panels for your business?

Installing solar panels could be an option for any size of business in any sector which would like to cut costs and minimize its carbon footprint on the planet.

The more energy you need to use in your operation, the more your business and the planet will benefit from installing renewable solar energy.

This could be the best way to save money through lower energy costs, considering the electricity generated by solar panels is free.

Combat rising energy prices

The way our energy is generated and distributed is changing, did you think even 10 years ago the Government would announce a ban on selling petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035 at the latest.

Unfortunately, if we all changed to electric vehicles today the grid couldn't cope with the demand for charge. These changes and environmental restraints are meaning major upgrades to our electricity network need to take place, but these bring huge costs which in turn will be passed to businesses through third party charges, in turn rising electricity costs.

Over the last years energy prices have been increasing gradually and this is only expected to continue to rise.

By generating your own free electricity from solar panels you won’t have to worry about the fluctuating prices. Your energy bills will be lower than ever before.

Reduce your business’ carbon footprint

If you start using renewable solar power for your business, you can significantly reduce your business carbon footprint and help in the fight against global warming. Renewable solar energy is not like any kind of traditional electricity that adds more carbon emissions to our planet’s atmosphere, therefore allows you to be environmentally conscious.

Installing solar panels could also result in an improved public image and a higher level of social responsibility in front of your customers.

Together with solar panels LED lighting could help your business lower the costs.

High quality LEDs use less energy. On average, our customers reduce their lightning energy costs by 70% and their total energy bill by 30%.

See how LEDs can help you save on energy bills.

How much will solar panels cost your business?

The leap forward production technology has made, makes it cheaper than ever before to install solar panels. The market is more competitive and every day more companies switch to LED lightning and provide solar panels installations.

The exact cost of solar panels for your business will be impacted by how many solar panels you need and where they are being installed. With Arc Consultations you can start the process with no upfront capital investment, thanks to a fully funded business model.

We will be with you through the whole process; from the beginning till the end and provide support all the time.

For your business solar installations, there are some arrangements which enable you to install solar panels with no upfront cost. This means you get free solar panels and cheaper energy.

Why ARC for your business

Getting multiple quotes from different companies might confuse you and might take a lot of precious time, which is why ARC Consultations is here to help.

  • You will get a dedicated specialized account manager to assist in getting the right solution for your business. One point of contact for you.
  • Access to several approved installers to ensure your business receives a high-quality installation with the minimal disruption.
  • A panel of funders which allows your business to access PPA funding and Asset finance to suit your business requirements.
  • Provide you with 3 quotes if capital investment is the model suited to your business.

Take a few moments to contact us and we’ll match your needs to develop your project from concept to installation with no upfront costs.

Stay informed on great ways of reducing your businesses energy spend and Carbon Footprint.

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Stay informed on great ways of reducing you businesses energy spend and Carbon Footprint.