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Reduce energy costs & hedge against rising prices with ARC Solar Solutions

ARC integrated, fully financed, solar + storage corporate PPA solution

The way our energy is generated and distributed is changing, did you think even 10 years ago the Government would announce a ban on selling petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035 at the latest. Unfortunately, if we all changed to electric vehicles today the grid could cope with the demand for charge. These changes and environmental restraints are meaning major upgrades to our electricity network need to take place, but these bring huge costs which in turn will be passed to businesses through third party charges, in turn rising electricity costs.

Why Solar for your business? Well, you don’t waste floor space at your premises so why waste unused roof space?

How your business can benefit.

  • Reduced energy spend by up to 90%
  • Pay as little as 3p per unit for electricity for years to come
  • Payback of 5 years achievable
  • Improved Corporate, Social Responsibility (CSR) profile
  • Increased energy resilience
  • Protection from rising energy prices
  • Futureproof your business by being able to integrate battery storage and Car charging points

Different approaches for solar for consideration

  • Ground mount – Ideal for land on your site that cannot be developed upon.
  • Solar Carport – Make use of your carpark should you have no suitable roof space. Integrated with vehicle charge points for employees or visitors to your site to use.

See how ARC can help you finance, install & save using Solar

Taking your energy reduction seriously?

Stay informed on great ways of reducing you businesses energy spend and Carbon Footprint.